Issue 27

Historic Phase 3 MDMA Clinical Trial Shows Success in Chronic PTSD

This week, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) released findings from a groundbreaking Phase 3 clinical trial that suggest MDMA-assisted therapy will be an effective treatment for severe, chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

‘In our first Phase 3 study, roughly one third of the people had PTSD for 20 years or more, and yet two thirds of them no longer have PTSD at the end of the study,’ MAPS founder Rick Doblin told PSYCH.

MAPS is hopeful that these results will facilitate FDA approval in 2023 for the breakthrough-designated therapy.

Learning From the North American Psychedelics Market: is Europe Following in Its Footsteps, or Forging Its Own Path? 

On 21 April, leaders in the burgeoning field of psychedelic business and investing gathered for the first PSYCH Investor Summit: Europe & Asia. A curated investor audience assembled in a virtual conference venue and engaged on topics ranging from patents and IP to psychedelic lessons learned in more mature markets.

Is North America the psychedelic model for Europe, or will business in each continent be distinct? Our panel of experts weighed in on how the industry is developing on both sides of the Atlantic, and how each differs in terms of the approach to investment, regulation, type of research and product development.


MindMed announces a project for treatment of pain with psychedelics.

Core One Labs and Lobe Sciences exploring partnership to develop biosynthetic psilocybin.

Delix Therapeutics co-founder publishes study demonstrating therapeutic potential for psychedelics without hallucinogenic effects.

Psyched Wellness signs supply agreement for Amanita muscaria.

Silo Pharma and Zylo Therapeutics launch joint venture to develop ketamine using new technology.

MindMed’s share price crashes 30% during first day of trading on Nasdaq.

Nutritional High appoints CEO and Senior Scientific Advisor of psychedelics business unit.

Small Pharma completes reverse take-over transaction.

Investor interest raises funding to explore the use of psychedelics for mental disorders.

Blend of scientific research and entrepreneurship makes Canadian province viable for psychedelic research.

Psychedelics market opportunity resembles cannabis boom but with these notable differences.

Mydecine reports full year 2020 financial results.

Field Trip Health announces opening of psychedelic-enhanced therapy centre in Houston.

Mydecine announces partnership with LeadGen Labs.

Biotech firms investing in genetic test to prevent risk in psychedelic therapy.

MINDCURE shares update on strong financial position.

Champignon Brands changes name to reflect integration of ketamine and psychedelic clinics.

Core One Labs reaches definitive agreement to acquire Akome Biotech.

BetterLife files patent for psychedelic microdosing implant.

Psychedelics are back and drawing major attention through industry and innovation.

Mindset Pharma announces positive preclinical results of its psychedelic compounds.

Numinus Wellness ends second quarter with C$28.5m after Mindspace Wellbeing acquisition.

Psychedelic businesses can be leaders in sustainability.

Investors taking note as Lobe Sciences emerges with new funding and development.

Novamind doubles in size and adds four new psychedelic mental health clinics.

Tryp Therapeutics developing psychedelic medicines for treating rare eating disorders.

Lobe Sciences acquires Vitamind line of wellness products.

Secure Your Advance Seat for the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development

Are you keeping up to date on the latest advancements in psychedelic science? Then join us on 7 July for the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development, the must-attend virtual global event for investors and funds eyeing the most promising opportunities in psychedelics today.

Learn how research is paving the way for industry growth; discover the likely timeline for drug trials and commercialization; and meet one-on-one with the groups and researchers leading the charge.


Amanda Fielding’s belief in psychedelics validated after decades of dismissal.

Easier way to identify non-hallucinogenic psychedelics could aid mental health treatment.

Inside the MDMA trial that could help cure alcoholism.

How psychedelic drugs could help treat mental illnesses.

Systemic racism could be impeding access to psychedelic therapy.

Genetically encoded sensor developed to enable discovery of new psychiatric drugs.

Toronto-based cannabis company seeking rare permission to make psychedelic drugs.

Ketamine can rebuild spine and synaptic proteins in the brain.


Texas lawmakers approve cannabis and psychedelics reform bills.

Bill to legalise psilocybin therapy introduced in Maine.

Push to legalise psychedelics has ignored indigenous communities.