Issue 152

Exploring the placebo effect in psychedelic studies

The placebo effect is the mysterious power our minds have to make us feel better, even when we are taking just a sugar pill instead of real medicine.

Several studies have shown that this effect is a legitimate biopsychosocial phenomenon that is an integral part of the overall treatment response.

Research has found that the placebo effects can be as strong as the effect of the actual medicine in randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Using a placebo in psychedelic studies is a challenge. It is very obvious to the recipient who receives a placebo versus a psychedelic.

And placebo effects have been shown to be enhanced by the setting of the psychedelic study.



Psychedelic research pioneer Roland Griffiths, distinguished psychopharmacologist and professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, has died.

Griffiths’ research helped kickstart a new era of psychedelic study and led to the creation of the nation’s first psychedelic research centre, writes Johns Hopkins University.

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Awakn Life Sciences recently announced the completion of its feasibility study for its proprietary formulation of MDMA using Catalent’s Zydis® orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology.

Professor David Nutt, Chief Research Officer of Awakn, stated: “We are very pleased with how the feasibility study has progressed and has given us positive data around the stability and suitability of Catalent’s Zydis technology for our novel MDMA formulation.”

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Antonio Gracias, CEO and chief investment officer of Valor Equity Partners is making a $16 million investment to research the potential therapeutic use of hallucinogenic drugs at at Harvard University.

After completing its admission to the Access segment of the AQSE Growth Market, Mydecine Innovations has said it is gearing up for human trials for 2024.

Cybin Inc. has provided a shareholder update, confirming that its acquisition of Small Pharma has been approved by shareholders in a 99.4% vote.

Atai Life Sciences recently signed Second Amendment and Subscription Agreement Amendments with IntelGenx, with Atai now owning a 63% stake of the company.

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Diamond Therapeutics has announced that the first patient has been enrolled in its FDA-authorised UAB-Diamond trial evaluating low-dose psilocybin in patients with demoralization.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is showing promise as a treatment for mental health conditions. One expert says it also has the potential to prevent mental health conditions, but more research is needed.

A new study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, has revealed that the effect of adverse childhood experiences on psychological distress was lower for people who had recently used psilocybin.

Speaking to the Pharmacy Times, co-founders of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS) discuss psychedelic therapy for veterans with PTSD and TBIs.


The PsychedeliCare Initiative will launch in 2024 to bring European citizens together to educate about psychedelics, call for the reshaping of drug policy and boost EU-funded research on psychedelics.

Europe’s MEP Action Group for the Medical Use of Psychedelics will be holding an event at the European Parliament, looking at psychedelic therapies within the evolving EU pharma legislation context.

2024 Presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, has laid out 10 proposals to help support mental health in the country, including including covering “psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy within a universal healthcare system.”

Mexican Senator Alejandra Lagunes is hoping to introduce a bill that would legalise psilocybin in a bid to help mental health in the country.


Mental health charity Mind is calling on the UK government to sign its draft Mental Health Bill into law before the chance passes at the next general election.

A coroner has warned that more people are at risk of dying due to waiting times for urgent mental health beds, reports the BBC.