The Potential of Psychedelic Healthcare

    The Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Fourth Edition

    The flagship report has been expanded to include market intelligence on adult-use frameworks in addition to psychedelics as medicine. Insights from business leaders, regulators and researchers empower investors to identify emerging opportunities.

    Psychedelic Medicines

    • Milestones in psychedelic medicine
    • Ketamine
    • MDMA
    • Psilocybin
    • LSD

    Psychedelic Research

    • Clinical trials
    • Scientific papers of note
    • Accessing psilocybin in the UK

    Intellectual Property

    • Patents in psychedelic medicine

    Market Sizing

    • Ketamine-assisted therapy
    • Psilocybin-assisted therapy
    • MDMA-assisted therapy
    • Adult-use programmes

    Regulatory Frameworks

    • Oregon Psilocybin Services
    • Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway

    Healthcare Providers

    • Therapist training programmes

    Expert Contributors

    • Dr Laura Squire OBE - Chief Healthcare Quality and Access Officer, MHRA
    • Dr Ben Sessa - Head of Psychedelic Medicine, Awakn Life Sciences
    • Angela Allbee MPA - Oregon Psilocybin Services, Oregon Health Authority
    • Crispin Blunt MP - Chair at Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group
    • Dr Neil Maresky - Chief Executive Officer, Psyence Group
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