Issue 17

The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia, will connect a qualified investor community in Europe and Asia with leaders of the most innovative and exciting businesses operating in the global psychedelic industry.

The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit offers operators the opportunity to attract capital and investors the ability to connect with business leaders and obtain guidance from those at the cutting edge of the psychedelics industries.


Awakn Life Sciences’ CMO, Dr Ben Sessa, publishes results of first MDMA alcohol addiction trial.

Mindset Pharma reaches agreement to manufacture synthetic psilocybin.

Psyched Wellness to begin developing products after research into Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.

ATMA Journey Centers has opened a 5,000 sq. ft psychedelic treatment facility in Canada.

Novamind joins the North American Psychedelic Index following a fast-track process.

PharmaTher and the Terasaki Institute announce microneedle collaboration.

Aion opens the first international psychedelic treatment centre in Jamaica.

PsiloTec begins production of psilocybin for medical use.

Alkido Pharma and Silo Pharma enter agreement to trial use of psilocybin for cancer treatment.

Lobe Sciences completes proof-of-concept for psychedelic nasal delivery device.

Ehave and Brain Scientific sign wide-ranging research and tech collaboration deal.

Levitee Labs announces the closing of a private finance placement.

Transatlantic Capital lays out roadmap towards psilocybin production.

MindMed acquires Healthmode and its machine learning technology.

Revive Therapeutics acquires PharmaTher for C$10 million.

Mydecine announces the completion of its first harvest and export of medical psilocybin.

Mindset Pharma announces application to list on the OTCQB Venture Market.


During The PSYCH Symposium in November 2020, a panel of scientists discussed the progress of their research into the impact of microdosing with the likes of psilocybin, LSD and other psychedelic substances.

Enjoy access to this full panel discussion, which includes an in-depth debate on one of the most interesting trends to have developed over the past two years.


Algernon Pharmaceuticals plans a clinical trial using DMT to treat ischemic stroke patients.

MindMed examines the potential LSD may have in relieving pandemic-related anxieties.

Pure Extract Technologies delineates psilocybin oral tablets, capsule and nasal gel trial.

Entheon Biomedical secures ethical approval for using DMT to treat stroke patients.

Grant provided to charity to investigate use of psychedelics on phantom limb pain.

NYU launching $10M Center for Psychedelic Medicine in Manhattan.

Sheppard Pratt Institute partners with COMPASS to build a centre for psychedelic research.

Conflict between clinical and mystical communities of the psychedelic sector examined.

Research progress in microneedle system for delivery of psychedelic medicines.


If psychedelic medicines were adopted by the main healthcare providers in Europe, billions could be saved according to research featured within: The Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Second Edition.

Following this week’s news that MDMA could be used to treat alcohol addiction, which currently costs US$79.3b to treat across Europe, hopes have been raised that psychedelic medicines could enter mainstream healthcare faster than anticipated.

To understand more about the economic impact psychedelic medicines could have in Europe and the US, download the full report for free, here.


A California bill could pave the way for psychedelic decriminalisation across the state.

Florida lawmaker makes case to decriminalise psilocybin.

Activists to gather signatures and support decriminalisation of psychedelics in California.