Issue 24

Psychedelics Apps: A New Wave in Data Collection & User Experience

The recent surge of interest in psychedelic medicine and research efforts has given rise to a truly 21st-century advent: psychedelic mobile apps and data tools.

From bonafide research tools to psychedelic simulation platforms, technology companies are bringing solutions to the table to aid researchers and operators in their work, while helping guide consumers and patients through their psychedelic journeys.

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Silo Wellness listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Börse Frankfurt) expanding shareholder base to Europe.

MINDCURE announces partnership with Canadian technology company to improve psychedelic therapeutics platform.

Creso Pharma and Halucenex partner with biotech company to research psilocybe.

How clinical and therapeutic milestones are boosting psychedelic therapy.

MINDCURE announces the addition of pharmaceutical industry executive

Guide to investing in the medical psychedelics industry.

MINDCURE announces additional equity investment in Canadian government-approved psychedelic therapy centres.

Awakn launches Digital unit and signs agreement with the University of Exeter.

Mydecine announces four lead novel drug candidates for clinical human trials.

Myconic signs letter of intent for acquisition of NY Ketamine Infusions clinic.

Aikido secures sublicence for psilocybin treatment of cancer patients.

Core One subsidiary Vocan expands product commercialisation team.

Algernon announces appointment of global expert for DMT stroke programme.

Psychedelic wellness company Delic provides first quarter 2021 shareholder update.

PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia

We’re one short week away from our first PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia. Join us on 21st April to engage with distinguished industry leaders, rising entrepreneurs and global psychedelics investors to share insights and help develop this emerging frontier.

Featured speakers include Ronan Levy, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Field Trip Health Ltd.; Peter Reitano, Chief Executive Officer, Gwella; and keynote speaker Professor David Nutt, Director of Neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London, and Head of Research, Awakn Life Sciences.

The summit will showcase expanding businesses looking for capital, provide AI-powered digital networking opportunities and deliver a concise programme highlighting the latest business developments, industry insights and psychedelic research efforts around the globe.

Event runs from 12:00 to 18:00 BST / 07:00 to 13:00 EST. Hope to see you there.

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Psychedelic Medicine Association president discusses psychedelics education for providers.

Study finds psychedelics could cure cluster headaches.

First study of its kind shows potential for psychedelics in groups.

How 12-step groups and psychedelic addiction treatment can coexist.

NeonMind developing music playlist for psychedelic therapy sessions.

Examining spontaneous and deliberate creative cognition during and after psilocybin exposure.

Engineering department at Miami University working on commercialisation of psilocybin bioprocessing.

Global study says more people are self-medicating with psychedelics.

Psychedelics specialist starts second-phase test for cognitive impairment.

Research on psilocybin treatment for mental health published.

How psychedelic toads can treat mental illness.

Why LSD may be as good for you as yoga.

Mescaline has the potential to be the next frontier in psychedelics renaissance.


Lawmakers in Maine file bill to decriminalise possession of all drugs.

Drugs could soon be decriminalised in the Australian Capital Territory.

Could Oregon’s decision to decriminalise hard drugs provide model for the country?