Psych Capital Plc lists on Aquis Stock Exchange


psych capital

Psych Capital Plc, the psychedelic healthcare incubation and investment company which operates PSYCH, has began trading on the Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market under the ticker “PSY” and the ISIN number GB00BL6CJQ54.

The Company’s Admission Document is available on the Company’s website:

Key Highlights

  • The Company currently has exposure to key segments of the medical psychedelic sector through strategic acquisitions and investments, including:
  • Clinical research in connection with the development of psychedelic medicines used to treat addiction;
  • Data collection in relation to developments in the psychedelic sector (including, the legal framework, commerce and science); and
  • Media and communications platform for the medical psychedelic industry
  • The Company intends to identify, fund and support the building of future companies across three core pillars: therapeutic treatments, drug development, and data/artificial intelligence
  • The Company will leverage its portfolio of brands, and network of experts, to identify early-stage opportunities in the medical psychedelic industry
  • The PSYCH Platform is a global B2B resource for networking, intelligence, and insights, servicing the industry through publications, newsletters and engaging events
  • PSYCH Symposium events generate strong revenue through sponsorship and ticket sales.

Compelling Investment Proposition

Psych Capital is a publicly listed incubation and investment firm that deploys early stage capital whilst building or supporting new companies in Europe’s psychedelic science and healthcare industry.

PSYCH is a data and intelligence platform for the psychedelic science and healthcare industry. It has quickly become the industry’s leading resource – powered by trustworthy data, independent analysis and engaging events that attract a highly influential audience of policy makers, scientists and investors.

Market Opportunity

The nascent psychedelics’ space is quickly being harnessed by a growing base of institutional investors seeking to establish and scale businesses in a landscape showing scientific and commercial promise.

  • Psych’s offering aims to capitalise on the following market dynamics:
  • Numerous companies are currently creating training plans for psychedelic therapists, including the MIND Foundation and COMPASS Pathways;
  • The United Nations (UN) Convention on Psychotropic Substances framework for the international control of psychotropic substances lists: Psilocybin, MDMA, DMT and LSD as Schedule I substances, the category indicating the least harm with medical application;
  • Ketamine is on the WHO list of essential medicines;
  • Psilocybin therapy is expected to be a key driver in societal education and a contributor to wider reforms across America;
  • MDMA-assisted therapy can take a strong market share from 2024;
  • Capital invested in psychedelic companies is over US$2 billion; and
  • The current value of medical businesses surpasses US$10 billion. For example, atai Life Sciences‘ initial public offering (IPO) last year made it the most valuable publicly-traded business in the sector, currently valued at US$595 million.

William Potts, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of Psych Capital, commented: “We’re the first pure play psychedelic company to list on a UK stock market at an inflection point for the industry as global interest moves towards the UK due to the leading science and companies here. We believe our IPO is a milestone for the whole psychedelic industry in the UK.

“With an escalating global mental health crisis, there’s a significant opportunity for innovation to cater to unmet needs and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Encouraged by breakthrough trials and science of psychedelic-assisted therapy, our mission is to support a new wave of innovators who are well positioned to challenge the status-quo and revolutionise how society deals with mental health conditions.”

For further information on Psych Capital, please visit the website:

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