PSYCH Symposium: London 2022 – Europe’s premier psychedelic medicine conference


PSYCH Symposium: London 2022 will take place at the prestigious National Gallery on Wednesday, 11 May – unlocking the potential of psychedelic healthcare.

Connect with key decision makers, learn from industry leaders and share ideas and opportunities that will contribute to the future of psychedelic healthcare. As the industry expands, research briefings, regulatory updates and topical debates will provide the intelligence and insights to navigate the emerging ecosystem.

MAPS’ Founder Rick Doblin will share data from the company’s Phase III trial with MDMA to treat PTSD, which has been fast-tracked by both the FDA and MHRA. MDMA-assisted therapy is expected to be regulated for this mental illness in 2023, and could generate over US$300 million by 2024. 

‘I’m excited to join the PSYCH Symposium in May,’ said Doblin. ‘The UK and Europe have been making pioneering contributions to research on psychedelics. This conference will assist in the effort to provide access to and acceptance of psychedelics for clinical use in Europe.’

Europe is home to industry leading psychedelic research institutions and publicly traded companies, with an established life sciences sector closely linked to London’s financial markets.  From the UK, Beckley Psytech’s CEO, Cosmo Feilding Mellen, and Small Pharma’s Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Carol Routledge, will provide insights from the companies’ trials with 5-MeO-DMT and DMT respectively.

Beckley Psytech is conducting a Phase 2 clinical trial with 5-MeO-DMT to combat treatment-resistant depression. In conversation with PSYCH, CEO Feilding Mellen said: ‘There has been a huge amount of foundational research needed to get the industry to where it is now. We are at a very exciting inflection point with compelling clinical evidence that psychedelics represent a new class of treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders.’

MP Crispin Blunt will provide a regulatory update as the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group advocates for the rescheduling of psilocybin, a campaign raised directly with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A YouGov survey found there was almost no public opposition to psilocybin policy reform, indicating it would be politically safe for the government to do so.

Speaking with PSYCH, Blunt said: ‘The government is not playing its part, as it should be, in supporting the great strength of British science and research. It ought to be creating a very benign and supportive environment for investors, which would help elevate the industry to its maximum potential.’

In 2020, over seven million people in the UK were prescribed antidepressants. However, they only work for one-third of users. Psychedelic medicines have demonstrated their potential to alleviate depression and are poised to disrupt Europe’s healthcare market, in an industry worth US$2.4 billion by 2026.

The recent market dip presents lucrative opportunities for investors, with PSYCH Symposium: London providing the market insight and intelligence to make informed investment decisions.  

The limited-capacity conference at the National Gallery will provide a platform for the industry’s most influential figures to connect and collaborate, with best-in-class networking opportunities at a private rooftop reception.

Secure your ticket today to connect with industry influencers, learn from the sector’s thought leaders and contribute to the future of psychedelics as medicine in Europe.

For more information, and speaking and partnership opportunities, please visit the website: 

PSYCH Symposium

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