Issue 03

Canada approves end-of-life psilocybin treatment for palliative patients.

UK scientists and experts propose easing restrictions for medical psychedelics.

Californian activists propose measures to legalise psychedelic healing ceremonies.

Washington D.C. activists collect signatures to decriminalise psychedelics for 2020 ballot.

Mydecine hires former Red Bull CMO, who vows to boost psychedelic industry profile.

Greenstar Biosciences completes 100% acquisition of Eleusian Biosciences.

Numinus announces US$4 million offering for compassionate access availability.

ATAI launches Viridia Life Sciences to study DMT for mental health disorders.

Mindset Pharma announces provisional patent filing for psilocybin and psilocin synthesis.

Mindmed completes Phase 1 study of 18-MC dosing for opioid addiction.

Novamind sponsors TheraPsil, for the compassionate use of psilocybin in Canada.

Mindleap’s expansion of digital therapeutic offerings includes psychedelic integration.

A study proposes to compare ketamine with electroconvulsive therapies for MDEs.

Usona Institute publishes a breakthrough technique for scalable psilocybin synthesis.

A study suggests that ayahuasca may produce lasting changes in brain networks.

Entheos Foundation, a charity for psychedelic clinical trials, launches in New Zealand.

A study on US veterans suggests psychedelic treatments reduce psychiatric symptoms.

Entheos Foundation, a charity for psychedelic clinical trials, launches in New Zealand.

New scientific review suggests psilocybin has the potential to treat OCD.

Small pilot study suggests ketamine may be beneficial for MS-related fatigue.

In May 2020, Prohibition Partners conducted a nationally representative consumer survey in the US and the UK, the aim of which was to gauge awareness of, and attitudes towards the potential use of psychedelics for the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions. Here we provide a taster of some of these survey results.

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