Issue 173

Phase 2a trial to investigate 5-MeO-DMT candidate for alcohol use disorder

Beckley Psytech and Clerkenwell Health are collaborating on a Phase 2a trial investigating Beckley’s synthetic 5-MeO-DMT candidate combined with psychological support as a treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD).

According to Beckley, BPL-003 has been successful in eliciting psychedelic experiences of “similar intensity but shorter duration than psilocybin”.

Dr Henry Fisher, Chief Scientific Officer at Clerkenwell Health, stated: “An estimated 600,000 people are dependent on alcohol in England. This, coupled with an alarming increase in alcohol-related deaths of 89% over the past 20 years, shows the status quo isn’t working.

“Conventional treatments for alcohol dependency aren’t producing meaningful improvements and new avenues must be explored. This trial will assess whether psychedelic-assisted treatment can be an effective therapy for alcohol use disorder, with the hope of rolling out the treatment widely.

“Health professionals and policymakers should seriously consider such treatments, which could be genuinely ground-breaking for the NHS and for the hundreds of thousands of people being treated for alcohol use disorder in the UK.”



The Harvard Gazette explores the potential of psychedelics in treating addiction – an area desperate for innovation.

“Despite promise of success stories from patients in recovery, Law School panel cautions that research is lacking on benefits vs. risks,” writes the publication.

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Sa’ed Al-Olimat, co-founder of the Psychedelic Pharmacists Association, speaks to Pharmacy Times about key psychedelic medicines under investigation for various uses in the US.

Al-Olimat also discussed the potentially groundbreaking shift for MDMA expected later in 2024.

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Optimi Health has entered an international MDMA supply agreement with The Institute for Psychedelic Research at Tel Aviv University, marking the company’s maiden venture into the Israeli market.

Numinus Wellness has submitted a Clinical Trial Application to Health Canada to examine the feasibility of a group model in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy enrolling trainee practitioners as participants.

PharmAla Biotech Holdings has entered into a binding sales agreement with Numinus Wellness to provide its GMP LaNeo™ MDMA for a prospective clinical trial.

atai Life Sciences has announced positive initial results from Beckley Psytech’s Phase 2a open label study of BPL-003 in Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), which affects approximately 100 million people.


Researchers at the University of Calgary are embarking on the first-of-its-kind study to test the use of psilocybin as an effective treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD).

In a conversation at this year’s American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting & Exposition, Sa’ed Al-Olimat outlined the potential of psychedelic therapeutics in treating mental health disorders.


The push to legalise hallucinogens is likely to heighten tensions between state and federal law. But will they listen to the science?

Voters may soon decide on access to natural psychedelics if it is included on the Massachusetts ballot after advocates pushed for its inclusion.


A new survey reveals that more than half of England’s army veterans have experienced mental or physical health issues since returning to civilian life, and are reluctant to share their experiences.

A new article explores how the European Court of Human Rights has applied the norms of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in the area of mental health law.