Issue 175

Psychedelic Medicine Could Fill Care Gap in Psychiatric Care

There is a tremendous need for new and better psychiatric treatment, Gregory A. Fonzo, PhD, assistant professor and co-director at the Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, said in a session at the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists Conference 2024.

In the session, Fonzo said two-thirds of individuals with depression will not reach remission with initial treatment, and another third of these patients will not reach remission after 4 consecutive treatments. Furthermore, approximately 50% to 75% of patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will not respond to first line treatment options.

“There are substantive differences between the psychedelic-assisted therapy model and the typical psychiatric care model,” Fonzo said in the session.



PsyPost reports that a recent study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry has cast a new light on the role that psychedelics may play in combating substance abuse.

According to the publication, the study revealed that a significant majority of individuals who have used psychedelics report a decrease or cessation in the use of other substances, such as alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco.

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State legislators are still in the process of establishing the framework for a voter-approved medical psychedelics programme.

Although Colorado voters approved a groundbreaking psychedelics legalization ballot measure in 2022, it’s still being implemented by lawmakers, who introduced yet another bill introduced at the state capitol to set the stage for a medical psilocybin industry.

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Clearmind Medicine has filed a patent application for the use of 3-MMC to prevent and/or treat eating disorders either alone or in conjunction with PEA.

Synaptogenix has increased its stake in psilocybin drug discovery company PsygaBio through its previously announced partnership with Cannasoul Analytics.

Optimi Health has signed an international natural psilocybin supply agreement with New Zealand-Based Mātai Medical Research Institute (Mātai).

Psyence Biomedical and iNGENū CRO have partnered on a Phase llb clinical trial exploring the efficacy and safety of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of Adjustment Disorder


People who consume ayahuasca experience an increase in aesthetic appreciation, shows a new study in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

MAPS has published an introduction to Music Centered Psychedelic Integration (MCPI), exploring how music impacts psychedelic therapy outcomes.


Missouri’s HB 2010 budget proposal which contains initiatives for psilocybin research received final approval.

Alaska has advanced a bill that would create a taskforce to examine how to regulate psychedelic therapies.


The Covid Inquiry has been accused of failing to examine the mental health consequences of lockdown, reports The Telegraph.

The WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development will hold a discussion to reimagine an economy for resilient and healthier societies.