Issue 20


The clinic opened this week and becomes the first health centre of its kind in the UK. 

Dr Ben Sessa, the clinic’s lead, said: “This is the endpoint of 15 years of work in this field working in academic studies and research. We are both approved and trained psilocybin therapists so we are going to use that training.”


Field Trip Health announces closing of US$95m funding round.

Creso Pharma acquires established Canadian psychedelics company Halucenex.

Minerco announces acquisition of white-label CBD company WLCCO worth US$2.5 million.

British psychedelics firm Small Pharma raises £33.5 million to fund a reverse takeover.

Lattice Biologics is changing its business strategy to focus on psychedelics and cannabis.

Creso Pharma makes history as the first ASX-listed psychedelics stock.

Mindset Pharma files a sixth U.S. patent application further expanding its psychedelics pipeline.

Numinus Wellness plans expansion of psychedelics research laboratory.

DemeRx and Atai approved to start trials for treatment of opioid use disorder.

Mydecine Innovations completes first-ever legal international export of psilocybin mushrooms.

Numinus Wellness is emerging as a clear leader in the booming psychedelics sector.

Investors are debating who should own the future of psychedelics.

Champignon Brands releases refiled financial statements.

Core One Labs acquires Bluejay Mental Health.

Silo Wellness to collaborate with Marley estate on mushroom brand.

The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia will connect a qualified investor community in Europe and Asia with the leaders from the most innovative and exciting businesses operating in the global psychedelic industry.


Psychedelic medicines are being trailed to help cancer patients manage their mental health.

MINDCURE receives approval for its psychedelic integration protocol research study.

Scientists use computer simulations to understand the brain mechanisms which drive psychedelic experiences.

Universities are studying new ways to treat depression and anxiety with psychedelics.

According to a new study, psychedelics users tend to have better physical health than non-users.

Victoria non-profit launches training programme for therapists to experience psilocybin trip.

Psychedelic therapy could ‘reset’ depressed brain.


DEA sued by therapist who wants permission to give psilocybin mushrooms to patients.

Washington activists call for decriminalisation of psilocybin.

Vermont lawmakers unveil new decriminalisation legislation.

Australian government agrees to provide AU$15m to back clinical trials of psychedelics.

Oregon announces first members of its ‘Psilocybin Advisory Board’.