Issue 21


The Australian government has granted $15m towards trialling the use of psychedelic medicines for clinical therapy. 

The announcement has been made despite last month’s interim decision from the Therapeutic Drug Association, which ruled against rescheduling MDMA and psilocybin from a prohibited substance to a controlled medicine.


Algernon Pharmaceuticals requests FDA approval to investigate DMT for stroke treatment.

Cybin completes key research studies for two new psychedelic therapeutics.

Numinus Wellness announces closing of US$40 million bought deal financing and opening of new psilocybin research centre.

Red Light Holland acquires SR Wholesale to expand psychedelic product distribution.

Novamind chosen to advance research on effects of psychedelics on treatment-resistant depression.

Australian psychedelics companies to research use of psychedelics to treat mental illness.

Canadian life sciences company XPhyto Therapeutics is diversifying into psychedelic medicines.

Creso Pharma’s acquisition of Halucenex secures additional pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin.

Psychedelics-inspired biotech company Mydecine added to NEO Exchange.

Mindset Pharma and InterVivo Solutions to develop psychedelic medicine evaluation platform.

COMPASS Pathways granted two US patents for psilocybin solutions to treat depression.

Silo Wellness and Ehave to study volunteers from psilocybin-facilitated wellness retreats.

The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia is delighted to announce Awakn Life Sciences and Gwella as the first partners of its virtual event, set to take place next month.

With more industry-leading organisations to be announced in the coming weeks, the online event is set to connect the international psychedelics community, providing a platform for investors, business leaders and healthcare professionals to advance the sector and engage with the most pertinent topics facing the industry today.


Pacific Neuroscience Institute launches new psychedelic-assisted clinical trial.

Sydney trial aims to conquer methamphetamines addiction using psychedelics.

Positive results announced in psilocybin study to treat mild traumatic brain injury.

Research identifies personality traits associated with positive and negative experiences with psychedelics.

Integration proves a crucial factor for psychedelic-therapy breakthroughs.

New research suggest a single dose of psilocybin boosts brain connectivity.

Toronto man treating a rare neurological disorder with psilocybin.

Rick Doblin explores how psychedelic-assisted therapy can be used to treat trauma.


Psychedelic substances represent a chance to alleviate Australia’s mental health crisis.

Sharing mushrooms could soon be decriminalised in Denver.

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang supports legalising psilocybin.

Oregon announces state’s newly formed Psilocybin Advisory Board.