Issue 22


The Horizons EFTs exchange is a dedicated exchange for the public listing of psychedelics companies, many of which are industry leaders in North America and Europe.

This week, four new companies were added to the exchange, furthering their opportunities to generate capital and expand internationally.

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US$4.6m of private funding provided to set up Neuroscape Psychedelics Division at the University of California.

Former NHL player starts psilocybin company to help people with brain injuries.

Minerco expecting to generate revenue much sooner than expected.

Medicinal cannabis group Creso Pharma raises US$18 million in share placement.

Emotional Intelligence Ventures launches US$50m public stock offering.

Halucenex secures deal which will allow the company to develop in-house psychedelic compounds.

Novamind chosen as trial site for new drug to treat depression.

Havn Life signs medical psilocybin research and development deal with Hypha Wellness.

Mental health benefits of psilocybin products sparking investment boom.

Mydecine Innovations Group announces migration to NEO Exchange.

Trading in Creso Pharma shares halted ahead of capital raising.

The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia

PSYCH is delighted to announce that Field Trip Health, one of the world’s leading psychedelic companies, will join The PSYCH Virtual Investor Summit: Europe & Asia as an official partner.

The event will bring together investors, thought-leaders and key stakeholders from the most exciting companies in psychedelic medicine; delivering the industry’s most promising investment opportunities.

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AIkido Pharma sponsors psychedelic compound research to treat PTSD.

First psychedelic medicine clinic opens in Minnesota.

Psirenity to conduct Jamaica’s first psilocybin clinical trial to help manage depression.

Report finds consumption of psilocybin can alleviate OCD symptoms.

NOVA announces promising results in study treating ASD patients with psilocybin.

A new study is examining the role of personality traits in how a psychedelic experience unfolds.

New research uncovers how the brains of informed psychedelics users are different.

BetterLife enters into psychedelics research agreement with University of California San Diego.

How the COVID pandemic will affect the future of psychedelics use.

NeonMind Biosciences sees significant progress using psilocybin to help adults considered obese.

Pharmadrug to collaborate with University of Michigan on study of DMT.


Northampton City Council wants to decriminalise psychedelic plants.

Psychedelics decriminalisation measure comes into effect in Washington D.C.