Issue 26


Through a concise half-day programme, engage one-on-one with distinguished industry leaders, learn about the latest clinical evidence powering this sector and discover exciting, new investment opportunities.

Programming and speakers to be announced over the coming weeks. If your company may be interested in participating, reach out to our team to explore partnerships. And if you’re interested in attending, secure a complimentary ticket and seat in advance!

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Nasdaq debut is a major milestone for MindMed.

Psychedelics promise relief from serious ailments, and investors are paying attention.

Silo Wellness announces five new psychedelic wellness retreats in Jamaica.

Revive Therapeutics developing psychedelic medicines for central nervous system and inflammatory disorders.

Core One Labs’ Vocan designing new system to produce API-grade DMT.

Minerco launches unique SHRUCOIN cryptocurrency as payment gateway for cannabis and psilocybin products.

XPhyto using scientific approach to cannabis-based medicine to help in coronavirus fight.

Expert claims mental health epidemic caused by COVID-19 has caused surge in interest in psychedelic medicine.

Psirenity gets Health Canada approval to build psilocybin research facility.

Revive Therapeutics files for patent for new oral psilocybin delivery system.

Myconic Capital announces closing of Mindscape ketamine & infusions therapy acquisition.

NeonMind announces new division to deliver services including psychedelic therapeutics and drug-enhanced psychotherapy.

Red Light Holland and Headland West Indies launch relief effort in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Awakn launches programme to develop next generation of psychedelic medicines to treat addiction.

Companies are starting to investigate producing psychedelics that don’t cause hallucinations.

Fraqtal investment platform focused exclusively on psychedelics industry launches in beta.

Core One Labs’ Vocan enters into research agreement with University of British Columbia.

Mydecine announced four lead drug candidates from psilocybin research and development.

Numinus announces partnership with leading research organisation for new psilocybin extraction clinical trial.

PsyBio and Miami University broaden partnership agreement to advance neuropsychiatric drug discovery platform.

Psychedelic Science Corp. appoints new CEO and senior scientific advisor.

PharmaTher files patent application for use of ketamine as treatment for Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Psychedelics experts discuss the sector’s ongoing patent debate.

Psychedelics experts discuss the sector’s ongoing patent debate.

Lobe Sciences enters joint venture to develop multi-sensory pods for clinical psychedelic use.


On 21 April 2021, an engaged audience from investment, science and healthcare areas attended the PSYCH Investor Summit: Europe & Asia. The concise virtual conference delivered the industry’s most promising opportunities directly to investors and funds in a day of networking, panels and company presentations from some of the most exciting enterprises in the space: Field Trip HealthGwellaAwakn Life Sciences and Wake Network.

Check our latest blog post for a summary of insights and conversations from the event, and view all panel discussions on the new PSYCH YouTube channel.

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Psychedelics as a potential form of treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

Amanita Muscaria is a legal psychoactive mushroom with potential therapeutic effects.

Psychable partners with Heroic Hearts Project to launch campaign to raise awareness of psychedelics’ health benefits.

Two different studies provide further evidence of the efficacy of psychedelics in treating depression.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy may be the answer to psychological troubles.

Exploring the antidepressant effect of ketamine.

Massachusetts General Hospital launches centre to study neuroscience of psychedelics.

Psychedelic research studies which could be an enticing investment opportunity.

What you need to know to solo trip on psychedelics.

Mayor of Santa Cruz declares April ‘Psychedelic Therapy Awareness Month’.

How an expert psilocybin tester chooses award-winning mushrooms.

PharmaTher seeking trial of ketamine for Parkinson’s disease.

University of California launches new psychedelic research division in San Francisco. 


Third Massachusetts city decriminalises possession of psychedelics.

State lawmakers in Colorado propose law to restrict ketamine use.

Religious exemption could offer a route to decriminalisation of psychedelics.