Issue 28

Continental Focus: Psychedelics in Asia – Part 1

Despite Asia’s rich history of psychedelic experience, the state of psychedelic study and commercial exploration varies widely across the continent.

While some countries are forging ahead with research, it appears formal research activity is non-existent in many regions of the continent, known for its traditional hard-line stance on psychedelics generally.

However, as the planet’s most populous continent, the potential scope of the medical psychedelic market and its possible impact on the region is extensive.

This two-part series will examine psychedelic history, current state, research efforts and business activity throughout Asia.

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Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Second Edition

The potential for psychedelic drugs to transform healthcare is vast. In the Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Second Edition, PSYCH calculated the potential of psychedelic compounds to relieve economic burden.

In our assessments, we took into account factors including:

  • direct medical costs such as the services and goods that are used or lost in managing diseases, from prevention to healthcare expenditures
  • direct non-medical expenses such as informal care and social services
  • indirect costs such as loss in days of work or loss of productivity for other reasons.

Assessments revealed potential healthcare savings in Europe alone amount to over US$130b. Learn more about our approach and the potential for global healthcare savings in the report.



Core One Labs’ subsidiary starts work on psychedelic drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Havn Life completes work on new method for rapid psilocybin testing.

Ketamine Wellness Centers opens new state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas.

Tryp Therapeutics enlists pharmaceutical research company to support clinical psilocybin programme.

Mydecine posts yearly financial results for 2020.

Mycotopia Therapies completes stock name change, underlining transition into psychedelics.

Halucenex partners with global research organisation for liquid psilocybin trial.

Cannabis company SpeakEasy to enter psychedelics sector with a focus on psilocybin.

MycoMeditations’ psilocybin-assisted wellness retreat responding to mental health impact of COVID-19.

IntelGenx expands collaboration with ATAI Life Sciences.

Cybin to present at the Benzinga Global Small Cap Conference.

Silo Wellness partners with Kaivalya Kollectiv to offer 5-MeO-DMT retreats.

Shark Tank investor says psychedelics opportunity exceeds cannabis investment potential.

Psychedelic drug boom in mental health treatment comes closer to reality.

Pittsburgh-based Cognistx using AI to identify psychedelic drugs to treat depression.

Promising MDMA clinical trial results will support ongoing research for severe PTSD.

Braxia Scientific introduces network of clinics leading novel psychedelic research.

Core One Labs at a loss to explain significant share price depreciation.

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals raises US$27 million in Series A financing.

Founder of cannabis research centre discusses medicinal potential of psilocybin.

Optimi Health and Numinus Wellness confirm initial candidate for psychedelic mushroom trial.

Small Pharma provides updates on patents, including new psychedelic-based medicine.

MagicMed continues development of novel psychedelic derivatives library.

Secure Your Advance Seat for the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development

Are you keeping up to date on the latest advancements in psychedelic science? Then join us on 7 July for the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development, the must-attend virtual global event for investors and funds eyeing the most promising opportunities in psychedelics today.

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Psychedelic drugs are being used to treat depression in Florida.

Psychedelic revolution may have significant impact on psychiatry.

How a psychedelic 12-step programme is saving lives.

Psychedelics are transforming the way we understand depression and its treatment.

Psychedelic drug boom in mental health treatment is near.

Canadian mental health professionals complete psychedelic training programme.

LSD use presents minor risk for long-term negative effects.

Prescription psilocybin for depression and anxiety may be available in US soon.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy offers a new way to treat mental health.

The modern medicinal benefits of an ancient psychedelic.


The biggest US drug loopholes around THC and psychedelic mushrooms.

How psychedelic mushrooms went from Schedule 1 to psychotherapy.

Aspen City Council shut down discussion on decriminalising psychedelics.

Singapore begins administering ketamine-type therapy for depression.