Issue 35

PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development to Highlight the Latest in Psychedelic Science and Investment Opportunities

Following the success of the inaugural PSYCH Investor Summit: Europe and Asia on 21 April, the industry-leading global event series returns to showcase breakthroughs in psychedelic research and development.

Taking place on 7 July, the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development will present engaging panel discussions, research updates, compelling company presentations and professional networking opportunities to ticket-holders.

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With over 200 patients involved, the study represents the world’s largest psilocybin therapy trial to date.

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The new law clears the way for researchers to study various psychedelic compounds to aid veterans with PTSD.

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Tripp secures US$11 million to fuel exploration of psychedelic VR therapy.

Field Trip Health reports fiscal year-end financial results.

Awakn Life Sciences files patent for psychedelic medicine to treat addiction.

Vancouver-based psychedelic company Filament Health begins trading on NEO Exchange.

Bob Marley’s family launches first global psychedelic mushroom brand.

Numinus announces grant of 1.8 million stock options to directors and employees.

Cybin recruits former FDA Head of Psychiatry to assist psilocybin formulation trial.

Nextleaf issues 15th US patent, for psychedelic mushroom extraction innovation.

Numinus exploring new production method to reduce costs of processing psychoactive fungi.

Resurgent Biosciences working on VR applications to facilitate psychedelic therapy experiences.

Neonmind launches functional mushroom coffees as dietary supplements.

Cybin announces psychedelic molecule breakthrough and milestone achievement for subsidiary.

GH Research Nasdaq debut to support company’s work in DMT-based depression treatment.

MindMed included in FTSE index of largest US companies.

Seelos Therapeutics added to FTSE Russell indexes.

Investors could be swayed by growing advances in medical benefits of psychedelics.

MYND Life Sciences to target treating Alzheimer’s with development of psilocybin drug.

Mydecine selects health conditions to target in novel psychedelic molecule trials.

Sociologist Dimitrios Liokaftos outlines the gentrification of psychedelic culture.

MindMed appoints world-leading psychiatrist to Scientific Advisory Board.

Awakn Life Sciences appoints addiction expert Professor David Nutt as Chief Research Officer.

Lobe Sciences appoints psychiatrist with decades of psychedelics expertise to Scientific Advisory Board.

Albert Labs accelerates study of cancer-related anxiety with board of expert advisors.

Medical expert brought on to assist Ehave on digital platform for psychedelic therapy.


First-ever study of psychedelic used for thousands of years examines effect on DNA.

ABC News investigates how MDMA-assisted therapy can be used to treat trauma.

Nova Mentis autism clinical study approved by Canadian Institutional Review Board.

Ketamine-assisted therapy remains costly and controversial in Canada despite benefits.

COMPASS Pathways becomes founding support of UK initiative to diversify neuroscience.

Researchers find naturally-occurring psychedelic compound in rat brains.

The future of psychedelic medicine might skip the trip.

Queen’s University begins researching use of psychedelics as mental health treatments.

Wesana Health partners with South Carolina university to develop psychedelic medicines.

Another US university has been granted approval to study benefits of psychedelics.


Proposed psychedelics decriminalisation bill builds momentum in California’s state assembly.

MAPS implores Canadian Parliament to decriminalise psychedelics.

Californian veterans and healthcare workers show strong support for decriminalisation of psychedelics.