PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development to Highlight the Latest in Medical Psychedelic Science and Investment Opportunities

Following the success of the inaugural PSYCH Investor Summit: Europe and Asia on 21 April, the industry-leading global event series returns to showcase breakthroughs in psychedelic research and development.  

Taking place on 7 July, the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development will present engaging panel discussions, research updates, compelling company presentations and professional networking opportunities to ticket-holders. 

Industry innovation is driving promising investment opportunities across the sector. The summit will host industry leaders and present the latest, most promising and clinical evidence in psychedelic science. 

Highlights of the day’s agenda include:

  • Ongoing Psychedelic Clinical TrialsWith an up-to-date overview of ongoing global clinical trials, Floris Wolswijk, Founder at Blossom, will share insights from the company’s comprehensive psychedelic research database. Authoring the forthcoming Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Third Edition, Blossom is the insight engine of PSYCH, with unparalleled data and a team of global analysts.

  • Research Update: Psychedelics for AddictionSeveral studies seek to explore the capacity of psychedelics to treat mental health issues, particularly addiction and trauma-related illnesses. Dr Ben Sessa, Chief Medical Officer at Awakn Life Sciences, has over 20 years’ psychiatric experience and will provide an update on the capacity of psychedelics to combat addiction, using the company’s recent research examples.

Attendees are encouraged to network throughout the summit through the intuitive event platform, Swapcard. Have a ticket secured already? Check out the event platform, fill in your personal profile and get to know other attendees. Have yet to register? Secure your spot here.