Issue 54

Psychedelic Healthcare: The Next Five Years

This week COMPASS Pathways provided an eagerly anticipated update from its Phase IIb clinical trial. The largest ever study with psilocybin comprised 233 patients and found a single dose of psilocybin, given in conjunction with psychological support, rapidly reduced symptoms of depression.

Globally there are over  80 active Phase II trials with psychedelic medicines, with MAPS’ MDMA formulation to treat PTSD the furthest along in the approval process. The company expects regulatory approval in North America by late 2023, and in Europe by the fourth quarter of 2024.

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The study found a 25mg dose of COMP360 demonstrated a significant reduction in depressive symptoms.

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Awakn Life Sciences’ Professor David Nutt spoke to The Guardian on the potential of psychedelic medicines.

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Delic completes US$10m acquisition of Ketamine Wellness Centers.

MINDCURE provides update from clinical trials.

Novamind reports 2021 financial results.

Fluence raises US$1.6m in initial funding round.

Numinus secures two clinics to host MAPS’ MDMA study.

Levitee Labs signs LOI to acquire pharmacy in Alberta, Canada.

Diamond Therapeutics doses its first patient in low-dose psilocybin trial.

Ketamine One to hold IPO.

Cybin shares update from pre-clinical trials.

Mydecine shares update from drug discovery programme.

BetterLife shares update on LSD derivative.

PharmaDrug partners with Terasaki Institute for Biological Innovation.

Pharmocann partners with Shamir Research Institute to study psilocybin.

MindMed appoints Dr Oquendo to Scientific Advisory Board.


Psychedelic drugs should be used to treat depression, says pharmacologist.

Understanding psychedelic medicines and mental health with Professor David Nutt.

New York Times: The ketamine cure.

Monash presses go on psychedelics to tackle ‘mental health tsunami’.

New research shows how psychedelic drug can help people with PTSD.

Psychedelics could be a new frontier in end-of-life care.

Psychedelics could reduce daily opioid consumption.

MDMA is very likely to be FDA-approved for PTSD by the end of 2023.

Australian therapists to be given psilocybin to better understand their patients.

More research needed on ketamine treatment for migraine.

Brain tissue boosted after low-dose ketamine treatment for chronic suicidality.

Should psilocybin mushrooms be part of your mental health toolkit?

TheraPsil partners with McGill University for quantitative psilocybin study.

Lund University studying LSD’s efficacy to treat depression in rodents.

Ecstasy can help people with PTSD, study says.

The Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Third Edition

The 200+ page Psychedelics as Medicine Report: Third Edition is the most comprehensive analysis of the psychedelic healthcare industry, empowering investors, operators and regulators to make informed decisions.

Key findings:

  • The medical psychedelic market is valued at US$190 million, and is expected to exceed US$2.4 billion by 2026.
  • Investment in psychedelic companies has now surpassed US$2 billion.
  • Two-thirds of North Americans and Europeans support the legalisation of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
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Wins for psychedelic decriminalisation measures on November ballots.

Detroit decriminalises psychedelic mushrooms: What it means.