Issue 60

Gwella on making microdosing mainstream

To alter public perception and promote the acceptance of psychedelics as medicines, Gwella launched Mojo – a functional mushroom product to mirror the pharmacological effects of microdosing psilocybin.

The company recently raised nearly US$2 million to develop a portfolio of adaptogenic and psychedelic mushroom formulations for health and wellness, which are available over-the-counter in legal jurisdictions.

PSYCH spoke with Gwella’s Chief Science Officer, Daniel Sanders, and the company’s Director of Product, Erin Cochrane, following the recognition of Mojo as Consumer Product of the Year.

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The MHRA releases new guidance on using data in clinical trials

The UK regulator has said a greater use of real-world data could expedite the approval of novel treatments.

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Psychedelics: the newest tool in nuclear negotiations?

Rick Doblin, Founder of MAPS, has commented on MDMA’s therapeutic potential and a plan to thaw the Cold War.

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Maya Health raises US$4.3m for psychedelic healthcare data platform.

What is the best approach to psychedelic therapy?

FDA puts MindMed’s Phase II trial with LSD on hold.

Non-profit challenges COMPASS Pathways’ synthetic psilocybin patent.

Pasithea opens its second ketamine clinic in the UK.

Cease trade order lifted against Ketamine One.

Nurse-founded psychedelics company providing ketamine treatments.

Ixtlan files patent for psilocybin treatment in neuronal disorders.

Entheon files patent to monitor psychedelic state.

At the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research and Technology, MAPS’ founder Rick Doblin and atai Life Sciences founder Christian Angermayer discussed the intersection of for-profit and non-profit psychedelic organisations.

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Blossom research briefing: no blue Mondays after clinical MDMA use?

Research centre opens at The University of Texas at Austin.

Researchers look to the once-taboo frontier of psychedelics.

Drug Science: Global Drug Survey 2022.

Psilocybin structure analysis conducted to assess patents.

How should psychedelic medicine handle ‘flashbacks’?

Morning Glory species could be used in psychedelic medicine.

MDMA could soon be used to treat PTSD.


Another city in the State of Washington decriminalises entheogens.

New York lawmaker files bill to legalise psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Congressman asks DEA to allow access to psilocybin in palliative care.

US lawmakers introduce bill to streamline research of psychedelic compounds.

Lawmakers fear DEA intervention in decriminalisation of psychedelics.

Addiction specialists support legalisation of psychedelic medicines.