Issue 61

Psychedelic healthcare in 2021

2021 was a seminal year for psychedelic medicine, with data released from groundbreaking clinical trials harnessing MDMA and psilocybin.

The therapeutic potential of these treatments became headline news internationally, with the UK’s campaign to reschedule psilocybin raised directly with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A series of significant milestones have driven substantial investment in the sector, but many psychedelic healthcare portfolios have performed poorly.

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Ketamine for the treatment of mental health disorders

To evaluate ketamine’s therapeutic potential, an analysis of 83 research papers was conducted.

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Ketamine therapy is going mainstream, are we ready?

In a review of the rise of ketamine-assisted therapy, The New Yorker spoke with Field Trip Health.

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Core One acquires New Path Laboratories for US$3m.

Novamind to acquire clinics in Arizona.

New York Times – opinion: I took ketamine for my depression.

Mindset Pharma files patent on novel tryptamines.


Psilocybin – The future of mental health treatment?

Ketamine therapy swiftly reduces depression and suicidal thoughts.

Psychedelics heal damage associated with brain disorders.

Ketamine withdrawal has severe consequences.

The potential of psychedelics for palliative care.

The Psychedelics as Medicine Report features contributions from leading experts in the industry, including:

  • George Goldsmith – Co-founder and CEO, COMPASS Pathways
  • Cosmo Feilding Mellen – CEO, Beckley Psytech
  • Dr Roger McIntyre – CEO, Braxia Scientific
  • Dr Reid Robison – Chief Medical Officer and Director, Novamind
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New Hampshire lawmakers file bill to decriminalise psychedelic medicines.

Drug testing becomes legal at festivals in New Zealand.