Tryp Therapeutics to Treat Psychiatric Disorders With Synthetic Psilocybin


This year’s PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development presents investors with the opportunity to examine Tryp Therapeutics, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company that develops clinical-stage compounds for illnesses with unmet medical needs.

By developing therapies for rare diseases with few effective treatments, Tryp can apply for orphan drug designation, for quicker FDA approval and to secure market exclusivity for seven years. In the absence of other medicines to combat underserved illnesses, the company faces little competition with significant market leverage.

Tryp is currently focusing on the production of synthetic psilocybin through its psilocybin-for-neuropsychiatric disorders programme (PFN). The PFN’s lead drug candidate, TRP-8802, has been developed to treat fibromyalgia, which affects over five million people in the United States alone. In addition to alleviating chronic pain with psilocybin, Tryp is preparing a Phase 2a clinical trial to treat eating disorders, buoyed by the success of similar studies in the industry. The organisation expects to commence production of its initial batch of psilocybin in September 2021, with a view to develop convenient oral medication.

Spearheading the company’s growth is CEO and Chairman Greg McKee, who will be speaking at the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research & Development about Tryp’s trajectory and the future of psychedelic research. McKee joined the company in April, with a wealth of experience leading successful publicly traded companies and accelerating drug development.

On Wednesday, 7 July, McKee will be joined by Richard Carleton, CEO at Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)Business Insider journalist Yeji Jesse Lee and Roger McIntyre, CEO at Braxia Scientific, to discuss the next decade of industry innovation. Early research indicates psychedelics could treat a plethora of physical and mental illnesses, but the market requires significant investment to realise its potential. The forward-looking panel discussion, The Next 5–10 Years of Research & Development, is one of several talks scheduled for the industry-leading global investor event, with the full agenda found here.

After the panel sessionMcKee will deliver an investor-focused company presentation on Tryp’s successes to date and vision for the future. The address will discuss the company’s drug development opportunities and the benefits of engineering synthetic psychedelic compounds. The company presentation will be followed by a question-answer session, empowering investors to engage Tryp directly and  explore commercial opportunities.

Common shares in Tryp are available on the OTCQB Venture Market under the symbol TRYPF, and TRYP on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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