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PSYCH Symposium: London 2023 is returning on 6 July at the iconic British Museum to explore the latest challenges and opportunities in the field of psychedelic healthcare. 

There is currently a desperate need for innovative treatments for mental health care, and increasing clinical research is showing that psychedelic medicines hold promise in this area.

At PSYCH Symposium: London 2023, experts in the field of healthcare, pharma and life sciences will explore the groundbreaking potential of these medicines and discuss cutting-edge psychedelic research that is pushing the boundaries of mental health and addiction care. The Symposium will also be looking at global and European policy developments, funding challenges and patient access.

PSYCH Symposium 2023 speakers

Renowned experts and thought leaders from the world of psychedelic research at PSYCH Symposium 2023 include:

  • Professor Robin Carhart-Harris: Head Of The Centre For Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London
  • Professor Celia Morgan: Head Of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy For Addiction, Awakn Life Sciences
  • Christian Angermayer: Founder, Apeiron Investment Group
  • Mikuláš Peksa: MEP, European Parliament
  • Dr David Erritzoe: Clinical Senior Lecturer & Consultant Psychiatrist, Imperial College London
  • Tadeusz Hawrot: Founder And Executive Director, PAREA
  • Charlotte Nichols: Labour, Member Of UK Parliament
  • Amir Inamdar: Chief Medical Officer, Cybin Inc
  • George Mcbride: Chief Commercial Officer, Clerkenwell Health

Exploring frontiers in psychedelic healthcare

PSYCH Symposium 2023 will be exploring the intersection of healthcare, policy and psychedelics, giving audiences the opportunity to deepen their understanding of psychedelic research and its current applications.

Key topics include:

Funding and finance

Panels and fireside chats will explore the current challenges in psychedelic finance and funding, looking at what opportunities remain for investment alongside the consolidation of the market.

Gaming and gambling addictions

This panel with Professor Celia Morgan will look at how psychedelics are revolutionising addiction care, with a specific focus on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for gaming and gambling addictions.

Access to psychedelic therapy

There has been a sharp rise in clinical research showing that psychedelics could be radical new treatments for a variety of health issues, but why is mainstream adoption taking so long?

This panel will explore the unique hurdles facing researchers and companies alike, the reality of this new market, why optimism should be counterbalanced with caution and when we might see meaningful progress toward accessing these therapies.

Future of psychedelic care in Europe

With European politicians now taking notice of psychedelic research, how could the EU take a central role in driving psychedelic healthcare to become a reality across Europe?

This panel of changemakers and MEPs will discuss how far the needle has moved and what action is needed to bring about an evolution in approach.

Neuroimaging and psychedelics

This panel will uncover the key neuroimaging findings related to psychedelics, as well as explore how these technologies can support and accelerate our knowledge of psychedelic brain mechanisms and the clinical development of associated therapies.

Who will adopt first – public health or big pharma? 

Exploring the current barriers to state-funded psychedelic research, leading experts in the field will discuss the challenges around public healthcare getting involved.

Facilitators and therapists 

With increasing psychedelic clinical trials and an increasing number of countries and US states, such as Oregon and Australia, adopting regulations allowing for access to psychedelic therapies – the need for trained facilitators and therapists that can provide these services is vital. However, currently, there are very limited therapists trained in this area.

This panel will feature Nadav Modlin of King’s College London, Angela Allbee from Oregon’s Psilocybin Services and more panellists, yet to be announced.

The panellists will be drawing on the recent developments in Oregon to discuss the urgency of companies needing to train therapists now before this becomes a roadblock in the future, and how crucial trained therapists will be in ensuring the development of psychedelic therapies.

These panels, alongside keynote presentations, fireside sessions, expert interviews and networking opportunities, will give audience participants the chance to discover the current state of psychedelic healthcare, policy and industry and learn about the latest findings at the frontier of psychedelic research.

PSYCH Symposium: London 2023 – which is sponsored by Cybin Inc,. Clerkenwell Health and Negev Capital – will be taking place at the British Museum, London, on Thursday, 6 July 2023.

For further information on speakers, panel discussions, sponsorship opportunities or the latest ticket offers, along with future panel and speaker announcements, visit www.psychsymposium.com, or sign up for the PSYCH Symposium newsletter here.

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