Issue 64

Psychedelic profile: ketamine

In 2021, the psychedelic healthcare market was worth US$190 million, dominated by ketamine-assisted therapy. Distinct from other psychedelic medicines, ketamine is dissociative with psychedelic properties and features on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines as an anaesthetic. 

Traditional psychedelic medicines work by binding to receptors that detect serotonin, antagonising the 5-HT2a receptor specifically. Ketamine, however, works by activating AMPA receptors, which are responsible for the majority of excitatory synaptic transmissions throughout the central nervous system, strengthening the connections.

However, while ketamine has been administered off-label for depression for many years, it wasn’t until 2019 that esketamine, a ketamine derivative, was ratified by the FDA for treatment-resistant depression and psychiatric emergencies.

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Italian officials certify signatures for psilocybin referendum

A total of 630,000 signatures have been verified in Italy to legalise the cultivation of psychoactive plants and fungi.

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65% of Americans with mental health issues want access to psychedelics

Respondents said psychedelic medicines should be made available for treatment-resistant anxiety, depression or PTSD.

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Awakn and MAPS enter MOU for MDMA clinical trials.

Novamind to host clinical trials for opioid use disorder.

Filament licenses compound to Cybin.

Lexston Life Sciences enters MOU with Alvarius to study 5-MeO-DMT.

Big questions about space, time, Neanderthals, psychedelics and reality.

Psychedelic drugs may help depression but use must be monitored, doctors warn.

South Florida start-up shares why psychedelic medicine is on the rise.

Optimi Health submits patent for psilocybin extraction.


Could MDMA help treat PTSD?

Sydney researchers given A$3m government grant to study psychedelics.

Two thirds of physicians believe psilocybin therapy has potential benefits.

Morning glories may be a source of new psychedelics and medicines.

At the PSYCH Investor Summit: Research and Technology, MAPS’ founder Rick Doblin and atai Life Sciences founder Christian Angermayer discussed the intersection of for-profit and non-profit psychedelic organisations.

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These states could legalise cannabis and psychedelics in 2022.

Virginia could decriminalise psychedelic medicines with newly filed bills.

Missouri lawmaker refiles bill to enable possession of psychedelic medicines.

Philadelphia could legalise psychedelics quicker than it did cannabis.

Canada approving psychedelics for therapy is a positive step, experts say.

Protecting therapeutic psilocybin users in the workplace.

Update on psychedelic therapy drugs is a positive step in mental health-care.

US official says ‘train has left the station’ on psychedelics as reform movement spreads.

Kansas lawmaker files bill to legalise psilocybin possession and cultivation.